Our job is to hold those we elect accountable
and focused on creating the future we want.

The Association of Young Americans is a nonpartisan membership-based organization that lobbies government bodies and negotiates benefits on behalf of the 80 million Americans between 18 and 35.

We're focused on solving the issues that hold young people back, starting with fixing $1.2T student debt crisis and skyrocketing cost of higher education, curbing massive campaign contributions from billionaires, and reforming the criminal justice system.

think of us like the aarp for young people.

Here's how it works.

Step 1. $20 a year to own your future 

AYA uses that money to do stuff like lobby about things you care about, lock in great benefits and discounts, and build tools to enable completely transparent lobbying. The price of a cab for a lobbyist to fight for you? That's a sweet deal. 

Step 2. enjoy the perks

Get that membership $$ back and more by enjoying our member discounts. We've got some great discounts for you right now, and as we continue to grow we'll work to add things like airlines, music streaming, and eventually things like health insurance and banking services. 

Step 3. tell us what you care about

As a member, you help us prioritize what issues we focus on and programs we develop. We've got lots of ideas for lobbying and member benefits. Your input and ideas will be taken seriously. 

Step 4. watch great things happen

As AYA continues to get more members and grow, we'll work to develop and execute a lobbying strategy, focused on creating economic and social opportunity for young Americans. Imagine what your future would look like if you had lobbyists working everyday to solve the problems that are holding you back. 

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